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Path Games - Insomnis

Horror like you never seen before

Insomnis is a horror game in first person. Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “Like the two hundred million indie horror games on Steam.” And you do not lack reason. Luckily, this one is good enough to stand out from the avalanche of proposals that has grazed the saturation of the genre. It is based mainly on well-known game concepts, with pillars in the setting and narrative of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the concept of terror of P.T, and some more traditional puzzles. In the playable, it is a very simple game. There is no combat, only exploration, and we will need to go through a series of rooms looking for something that will allow us to move forward. That something can be an object to take, a painting to look at, a step to take or a small puzzle to solve. Within the simple concept and to be moderately guided.

The strength of the game along with the narrative and the resolution of riddles is undoubtedly the setting, a whole of which are guilty both the technical section that we will discuss later as the design of the game. The fact of having to advance without any weapon knowing that a threat can be hidden behind any corner keeps us in tension.

¬†“If you like to pass real fear and solve puzzles this is your game”.

Technically Insomnis is made to surprise and dazzle with its spectacular settings and objects. At the artistic level we try to make the whole game monochromatic to have a really good experience.

The only source of light during the game is a most interesting music doll, this will provide the player with a terrifying experience. Since during the rest of the game will be in the dark.

About Path Games

Path Games was born with the aim of developing videogames with a fresh and innovative narrative. Our company is integrated by three professionals.

Our Projects

In Path Games three prototypes of videogames have been developed:

  1. Project Neon: A retro-futuristic graphic adventure with decision-making starring a girl named Ashley. The video game is awaiting publication
  2. Stranger Phone: Video game interface developed for mobile. The argument of the video game is simple; Anyone is a mobile phone and through daily puzzles you must find out what happened. The game can be download in: Google Play.
  3. Haiku Killer: A video game of puzzles based on classic detective novels. The project is fully developed in voxel (Pixel 3D). The video game is awaiting publication.