Insomnis is a first-person horror game focused on solving puzzles to advance through a terrifying atmosphere. The old Castevet mansion has just been uninhabited, many mysteries await you in the creepy walls of this old residence. Unravel the secrets of Insomnis and fight against your own destiny in a story full of intrigue and horror!


Atmospheric Horror: In the Castevet manor, rooms will change and your worst nightmares will come to life. Escape from your past before it’s too late!

● Analogue and digital puzzles:
Combining different original mechanics, solve a variety of complex puzzles to advance in search of answers.

● Exploration focused story:
Immerse yourself in a morally ambiguous narrative, where nothing is as it seems. Dark secrets await you in your grandfather’s abandoned manor.

● Multiple endings:
Make decisions with caution, your final choices will decide the fate of the characters.


Joe Castevet is the grandson of a famous English scientist named Roman Castevet. When Roman dies, he bequeaths the manor where he lived to his grandson. Once there Joe will begin to investigate each room in search of answers. As the hours pass, the old house becomes a darker place and he will discover that he is not alone in his grandfather's beloved home. Countless of secrets and mysteries await him!