Insomnis is a first-person horror game focused on story, exploration and solving puzzles to advance. Players take control of Joe Castevet: The grandson of a famous scientist. Joe will have to deal with a mysterious inheritance he has just received. In Insomnis there is no combat. The exploration and the different puzzle resolutions is a sign of identity in the game, leading us to roam the different rooms looking for objects that would make the player to go forward. Insomnis is designed to surprise the public with its gloomy atmosphere and with events never before captured in a video game.


○ Atmospheric horror.

○ Use the logic and solve different analogue and digital puzzles.

○ Narrative with an unexpected plot twist.

○ Unique treatment of lighting and color.

○ Multiple endings.

○ Creepy sounds.

○ 12 Languages.


Joe Castevet is a young twenty-year-old grandson of a famous English scientist named Roman Castevet. When Roman dies, in his testament he bequeathed the manor where he lived most of his life to his grandson. Joe soon moves to Matlock, capital of the county of Derbyshire, where the old home of his ancestor is built. Once there Joe begins to investigate each of the rooms in the house in search of answers. As the hours go by, the day will become darker and the house will be transformed into a cold place full of mysteries. Joe will begin to see, hear and feel that in the home of his beloved grandfather things happen increasingly strange. Joe will discover that in that house he is not alone, there are more beings cohabiting and observing everything.